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Virtual Microscopy
Histology and Histopathology

Digital transformation
of Histology and Histopathology by
Virtual Microscopy (VM)
for an innovative medical school curriculum 2022-1-RO01-KA220-HED-000089017

Our Aim

Increase the accessibility of undergraduate and postgraduate students to microscopy data in order to allow the deep learning and increase in their competencies. For this, the project will:

  • Introduce a facile way to access WSI collection adapted to the students’ level of study
  • Develop a teaching network which will increase the quality and diversity of the slide collection

The project will respond to the needs of students and medical residents in training for their advanced high-specialized diagnosis skills in histology and histopathology; postgraduate students must be trained in order to perform pathology diagnosis and to perform in Multidisciplinary Consultation Groups.

The project will contribute to the development of organized Consultation Groups, which may increase the efficiency in diagnosis and tailored successful therapy for patients.

The project will create the resources and abilities of microscopy training in a specialized center within an e-learning platform to support free access to virtual slides and development of competencies in histology and histopathology, within the partner medical institutes.

The project will equip the junior doctors in histopathology training with innovative tools to facilitate the professional interaction with specialists in different domains.

The project may establish charts of standards, steps, procedures, Multimedia guides in histology and histopathology.

The project will enable study analysis and development of national networks in partners’ countries.

Contributing to innovation in higher education

“Elevate your understanding and expertise in
histology and histopathology”